What is faith? The bible describes it as:

Faith is the now the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

I will actually accept that definition with no problem. It says exactly what I believe faith to be, what it has been in my own life: Believing passionately things for which there is no physical evidence, and which may actually violate the laws of the physical universe. These things we believe are not provably untrue, mind you. They are simply profoundly unlikely.

Now, how is it that really, really, really believing stuff which is really, really, really¬†improbable makes you a better person? I just don’t get it. Does it, like, spruce up the old brain cells somehow?

Please help me out here.

7 thoughts on “Faith

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  2. I believe that the writer of Hebrews was not saying that it is good to believe in improbable things. The whole point is the underlying belief that God is true, real but often demonstration of that fact is not always at hand. They give examples of people who believed (trusted) in events to come in the coming of Jesus that they did not fully understand nor would they ever see. They suffered persecution because of their believes. So faith is not seen as creating something but valuable because they believe God is real and will be our reward.

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