I am a Postchristian

I have discovered that I am a postchristian. Wikipedia defines postchristianity this way:

Postchristianity is the decline of Christianity.

I would accept that definition as long as the decline occurs not only within human societies (as the wikipedia article indicates) but also within my own heart. I read the article and recognized the state of my own heart: I am what you become once you decide the Christianity is bullshit.

I do not say that Jesus is bullshit. Jesus may be the real McCoy. I don’t know. At the very least, Jesus was a terrific guy, at least from what we can tell from the biblical record. Way, way ahead of his time. And a genuine improvement over the other apocalyptic prophets of the time.

My experience has not been so much with Jesus as with his followers. I have become a reluctant critic of the American style of Evangelical Christianity, which I have come to believe is simply a form of capitalism at this point. And the product is essentially a form of entertainment. A religious buzz, nothing more.

Now, having said that, others are apparently figuring this out as well. There is a postchristian church. And it is exploding, largely at the expense of the more traditional Protestant churches.

I encountered one such church last Sunday, and as I write this, my wife and I intend to go there again tomorrow. This is Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill. I had a nice conversation with Rosemary, the (oh, I don’t know what to call her: Head Pastor?) at Unity. Seems they welcome all comers. Persons of all faiths or no faith at all. Their statement of faith says that they welcome unbelievers. I replied: “Great! I am an unbeliever. Thanks for welcoming me.”

There does appear to be a mildly delusional, but otherwise quite pleasant, gospel, which I refer to as the “interfaith gospel”. I will blog on that later.

2 thoughts on “I am a Postchristian

    • Not sure. I said when I showed up that I want to engage in people lives “in a non-delusional context”. I got a good laugh on that one. I can tell you that Unity is doing great. Folks are showing up there all the time, at least they have been when I have been there for the past two weeks. Looks like a goin’ jessie to me!

      In terms of the global postchristian movement, that seems to be coming into its own just about now. I would say that there is going to be a wave of churches or church-like organizations that share the following characteristics:

      • View the bible as a work of literature, nothing more.
      • View Jesus as a great guy, highly evolved human, etc., but not as the savior, or Son of God in the traditional Christian sense.
      • Deny the existence of sin and of a vengeful, judgemental God.

      That is not to say that the postchristian church is entirely free of delusional concepts. I will blog on that more later.

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