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In the Fall of 2012, my entire belief system spectacularly collapsed. Prior to that point, at least nominally, I had been an Evangelical Christian. I found that Christianity was not working for me, though, and I put my faith on the shelf for the moment, and pursued an understanding of the bible using my mind: I studied the bible as a work of human culture. In the process, I found that the evidence for many of the things I believed as a Christian was sorely wanting. Included in these issues were core tenets of faith of Christianity, such as the virgin birth, resurrection, etc. Finally, I understood that the virgin birth not only cannot be proved, it is extremely doubtful that it occurred at all.  (The virgin birth of Jesus is a belief which is required in order to be a Christian, as I defined that term at the time.) Thus, my faith in Jesus as my personal savior evaporated.

At this point, I could no more believe that Jesus is my personal savior than I could believe that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. This blog is about my journey, both in the past and currently. Ultimately, this is a personal spiritual journal. I discuss the things which cause me to struggle, enrage, delight, or engage me in some way. If you find what I say here offensive, please don’t hesitate to stop reading this blog. But if you want to engage in a conversation about these issue, please comment here, and I will certainly respond to you.

One thought on “About My Blog

  1. Hi. Sorry that your faith in Christ was destroyed. I hope that you find still what you seek from him. I still believe that you still may talk him and look for him to offer a glimpse of truthfulness. Sure Santa Cause was something made up in our hearts, but it is God that we still question if he is real or not. I wonder why since so many want to believe he just a figment of our imaginations. We don’t struggle with Santa Clause the way we do with God don’t you think. I like your poem. I can tell you wrote it from your heart

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