I have been watching a lot of the HBO mini-series The Newsroom lately. It’s interesting how these shows can connect with me. It’s kind of like they become my friends. I did the same thing with the shows Brothers and Sisters, Jericho, and Commander in Chief.

Anyway, the main character is Will McAvoy, a news anchor for an imaginary cable network. While in a therapy session, Will is confronted by his shrink about something odd he had done (I will avoid saying more to avoid spoilers). His therapist claimed that Will’s action was not “normal”. To which Will replied:

There are two kinds of people: Those who think they’re normal, and those who know there’s no such thing.

Which is my point exactly: Like Will, I fall into the second category. I am definitely not a “normal” sort of guy, and most likely, neither are you. But that’s OK. The folks that think they’re normal are the deluded ones.

More later.

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